How to Handle a Loved One’s PTSD

September 10, 2018
When a loved one has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the relationship is affected. They may not be able to carry out their day to day activities normally. They may also display uncharacteristic symptoms such as anger outbursts, anxiety attacks and withdrawal. Learning how to handle these changes can improve your relationship. Some of the best ways to handle your loved one’s PTSD include:

Understanding PTSD

Learning about this condition can help ease your frustration and improve your coping skills. Accurate information also helps you avoid the triggers that set off or enhance their threat response. You can find PTSD information online, in support groups and from healthcare professionals.

Providing a Safe Space

Because fear is a big element of PTSD, making your loved one feel safe, understood and appreciated can help calm them down. A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and an assurance of your love go a long way when dealing with any form of anxiety.

Getting Professional Help

PTSD often requires psychotherapy in order to resolve the underlying triggers of the perceived threat to the individual. You can support your loved one’s treatment by attending therapy sessions with them and ensuring they take their medication.

Respecting Their Boundaries

Trauma survivors have different coping mechanisms to manage their symptoms. While some of these mechanisms may seem absurd to you, it is important to respect and even support them. Creating and respecting healthy boundaries helps your loved one feel safe and in control of their life.

Focusing on the Present

Because PTSD is rooted in past events, it is important to keep your loved one focused on creating new experiences and memories. When they are feeling stuck, you can plan activities to distract them and keep them grounded.

Taking Care of Yourself

Caring for someone with PTSD can be overwhelming. Take some time to recharge and do things you enjoy. Find a support group for families of PTSD survivors. If need be, get therapy to cope with your own emotions. Taking care of yourself sets a good example for them and gives you the energy to cope with the situation.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that your loved one’s suffering is real even if you cannot understand it. With support from loved ones and professionals, they can overcome this debilitating condition.

Heroic Mothers Who Will Never be Forgotten

Heroic Mothers Who Will Never be Forgotten

People all around the world are dying because of horrible accidents that are happening all the time and that is just a circle of life that we cannot stop. One of the worst things that can happen is when the victims are mothers who are leaving their children. Unfortunately, sad and horrible things like these are happening and the best thing that we can do about it is to remember them because not one of them have died without fighting for their children. You don’t have to be in the military to have a heroic death, people are dying because they wanted to save other lives and they are not part of the military or any terrorist attack.  In this article, we want to talk about those mothers who were heroes until the last second because those are some of the strongest people that you can find.

Saving Children

One of the stories that we will be talking about happened in 2011 when 10 stories building caught on fire. The cause of the fire was a malfunctioning kitchen appliance and the fire was spreading through the building to fast. Most of the residents of that building were outside because it happened during working hours. However, there were still few people who were inside when the tragedy happened and most of them were small children because it was the summer break. Luckily because it wasn’t a huge building they were all close neighbors and two mothers were able to save all those children from the fire. The fire was spreading from the second floor and it was quite fast, and the time when they got to the top floor, everything was in smoke. However, they needed to save the children who were trapped up there in those apartments.

Unfortunately, the story turned into a very tragic one because both of those heroic mothers died from smoke poisoning. Both of them inhaled a lot of the toxic smoke that was covering the entire building. These are mothers who were lost because they wanted to save the children. Of course, this story has a good part also, and that is all the children were completely safe from the fire and the smoke. These are the people who we shouldn’t forget about because they acted like true heroes.

Military Mothers

One of the possible reasons why these mothers acted with so much bravery was because both of them were serving in the military few years back. Losing heroes like that isn’t easy and we never want that to happen again. As mentioned people are dying all the time because of horrible accidents like this one, but there is always someone who died saving others. That is something that you will definitely learn when you join the military, never leave people behind, no matter the situation or the circumstances.

Helping Veterans Overcome Addiction

There are other mothers that have to deal with drug and alcohol addiction problems when their husbands return from active duty. This is one of the hardest things that military moms have to deal with. It is very difficult for them to explain things like drug addiction and PTSD to their children. Thankfully there are a lot of great resources to help veterans in the military overcome addiction like this one from The Recovery Village.


How to Be a Successful Military Mother

How to Be a Successful Military Mother

Joining the military is something that requires a lot of dedication and mental strength. People always think that you have to be physically ready for the military, well that is not true. Of course, if you are obese and you have serious weight problems, then you will have a very hard time joining. However, you don’t need to have a perfect physic either, you will get more than enough training when you join and they will make sure that you are prepared for combat. After all, that is the job of the military to create exceptional soldiers. We are here to talk about a topic that not that many people actually know about and that is how to be a successful military mother. If you are a woman with kids or planning to have kids in the future and you want to join the military, then you will find this article to be extremely helpful and educational.

Don’t Stress

If you want to be a successful military mother, the first thing that you have to get rid of is stress. That will be the most difficult part that you have to go through if you want to do this. Every mother is stressing out about their children, especially when they are away from them for a long time. In the military, you just simply don’t have time to stress about your regular life at home. You have to trust the person who is watching over your kids because if not, you will constantly be distracted from your job. The last thing that you want in the military is to be distracted, when people are distracted, they make mistakes and there is just no room for any mistakes if you are in the military.

People lives are on the line, if you make a mistake, someone might lose their life and you don’t want to do that because you were distracted. So, if you are not a mentally strong person, we strongly recommend that you think about joining the military twice before you make your decision. This job isn’t for everybody, of course, you will get stronger as time goes by, but at the start, you have to have some mental strength.

Stay Connected

One of the great things about the technology nowadays is that we can easily talk to people that are located on the other side of the planet using the internet. While in the military as a mother, the internet will sometimes be your only chance to see or talk to your kids. You never want to forget about your kids because of your work no matter how difficult your job is. Use them as a motivation while being in the military, you are doing a service for them, just like you are protecting the country, you are also providing safety for your children at home.


What It’s Like Being a Military Mother

What It’s Like Being a Military Mother

We wanted to create an article where we can talk about the experience that is being a mother and serving the military at the same time. We have been getting a lot of similar questions about this from women all around the world who are curious. So, if you are interested in finding out what it’s like being a military mom, then continue reading and you will find some very important information about this subject. First of all, finding information about this experience is not easy because there are not a lot of women in the military, especially women who have children. However, there are some very brave people who are strong enough to push through this. To give you the best explanation what is like to be a mom in the military, we have to answer two of the most common questions and those are is it hard and how do they do it?

It is Hard

Being in the military on its own is a hard task that will test your both mental and physical strength. So, the easiest answer to the question is it hard well, yes, it is hard, but it is not about that. Serving in the military is about pride and serving your country. Protecting the people that you love and giving them safety is something that you can only achieve if you join the military. People who haven’t served will unfortunately never understand this.

Being a mother and serving in the military is a very difficult job because you are combining two of the most difficult and important jobs. That’s why there are a lot of women who simply cannot do both of them. You have to be extremely strong mentally in order to be a mother and in the military. However, that is just how things are, if you don’t like doing complicated and difficult things, then you will never even join the military because it is about hard work. The hardest part about this is probably that you are away from your children for a long period of time and you don’t get to see them grow up.

Thinking About Positive Things

To answer the question how do women do this, well they try not to think about these hard things, they focus on things like why they are in the military that will motivate them to push forward. Of course, if you have a partner who will be a good father to your children, then it is much easier to go away for a long time because you know they are in good hands. As previously mentioned, having positive thoughts will always help you get through this.