Advice on Piano Removals Services in Sydney


Owning a piano, be it vertical or grand is highly valued by Sydney residents. However, trouble befalls many during packing it since its bulky, awkwardly shaped and constitutes of delicate interior parts.

For such tasks, a reliable piano removals company in Sydney sets in to save you the trouble. However, there are key thing to consider during packing even with the presence of a top removalist such as Andy the guy with a van.

1. Plan For The Packing

Packing it yourself is definitely hazardous since its a delicate instrument that requires great care when handling. To save yourself the hustle, contract a renowned piano removals company in Sydney.

Piano removalists assess your piano to be sure on the items to use during packing. Moreover, remember to create enough space for tilting and turning your piano during packing.

2. Do’s and Don’ts  During Packing.

Ensure to close and lock the lid since the keys are commonly made of ivory or light woods hence prone to damage after slight mishandling. Remember to wrap your instrument with a heavy blanket and pad the edges to avoid dents or blemishes from scratches.

Refinishing the scratches is quite expensive thus calls for great care during parking. Ensure the removals company involved provides you with enough helpers armed with necessary tools applicable during parking.

Avoid using a rope and pulley when intending to get your instrument to the ground surface since risks of rope breakage are relatively high. Do not pack in extremely humid conditions since this might damage the delicate internal parts.

3. Leads When Sourcing For The Best Piano Removals In Sydney.

If doing your scouting on line, consider removalists with the highest positive reviews since it shows it has been in operation for long. Only choose the company that offers a friendly insurance coverage for your instrument since any accidents during packing will be catered for. Settle for the company that provides the latest packing equipments together with expert staff for your piano.

Advice on taking care of your piano.

1. Keep liquids away from your piano.

Liquid spillages are dangerous for the wood finishings. If need to clean it arises, consider using a dry or lightly moistened cloth. Instead of risking to compromise its quality, attend to it by polishing the surfaces once in a while.

Polishing gives it an alluring and glossy appearance that lasts for a longer time.

2. Ensure regular action maintenance.

Action refers to the complex system of interior engineering that results to the sound output after pressing of keys. The system comprises of levers, helical wires and hammers responsible for its working.

Ensure to service your piano depending on its usage. Have worn out hammers replaced, loose wires tightened and the levers checked from time to time.

3. Have an air-conditioner fixed in the piano room.

Humidity levels has to be checked to ensure the wires don’t rust or the boards don’t get damp. Too much dryness leads the glued boards to get loose hence compromising with sound quality.

Source for the best piano removals company in Sydney and have your packing issues sorted.

Here’s an amazing piano masterpiece:

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